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Dear Metas,

Thank you for your interest and continued support for Once Human. We are working tirelessly for the upcoming CBT3. In this episode, we will discuss the seasonal system, which is of great interest to players, and share our design concepts and progress for the seasonal gameplay.

1. Seasons and Seasonal Content

In Once Human, every season introduces a fresh journey where you start anew and experience exclusive seasonal content within a fixed timeframe.

The content will vary from season to season, presenting new stories, events, and mechanics.

Each Season brings forth a unique set of objectives, whether it involves resisting the invasion of otherworldly entities or seizing control of the core region. In the pursuit of these goals, you will explore different maps, experiment with various gear and character builds, and encounter new enemies.

The best part is, you have the freedom to pick from a variety of Season Scenarios and decide how you want to progress through them.

By offering an array of Seasons, and adding changes to the same season, Once Human makes sure that your every seasonal journey is one-of-a-kind.


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2. Why Seasons?

Once Human strives to bring you a fair, balanced and stress-free gaming experience. That is why Seasons are introduced. With Seasons, you have the freedom to enjoy the content of your choice and dive into the game at your own pace.

Seasons are not just about new journeys, but also about savoring the fruits of your hard work. So rest assured, your seasonal possessions and achievements will carry over. From Weapon Blueprints procured during treacherous encounters, to House constructed brick by brick, from Friends formed during challenging times to materials painstakingly gathered in the wilderness, everything you've worked so hard for will be retained.

At the end of each Season, your character and their progress will be transferred to the Eternaland (currently under development). From there, you have the freedom to choose what you want to bring with you when you begin the next Season, in accordance with the rules set for that particular season.

Whether you're seeking the satisfaction of surpassing your previous accomplishments or craving the exhilaration of a brand new adventure, the power is in your hands—when a season ends, you can either replay the same season or sign up for a different season.

In every season, everyone starts on an equal footing, which gives new players a chance to catch up while offering veterans a fresh challenge. This means the game will be more inclusive, enabling friends to play together even if they join the game at different times.


3. How does the season mechanic work in Once Human?

Season Stages

In Once Human, a season is subdivided into different stages, each offering unique gameplay features and challenges. By completing stage tasks together, players can earn generous rewards. As the season progresses, more regions and gameplay content will be unlocked, allowing players to access to the full storyline, and culminating in a final battle that will envelop the entire gameworld.

Players emerging from the fray will then enter the season's Settlement Phase. During the Settlement Phase, players are free to continue exploring the open world, complete any remaining season challenges, explore Strongholds, hunt for Riddle Spots across the map, or simply sit back and relax with friends. When they are ready, players can also choose to sign up for a new season, and embark upon their next Once Human journey.

"In Once Human, players are free to choose their own gameplay scenario and corresponding server, tailoring their gameplay experience. It's up to you, Meta-Human!"

Content Inheritance

After completing a season, Meta-Humans can bring the resources and blueprints they have accumulated with them when they sign up to a new season.

In-game tokens, Weapon and Gear Blueprints, Mods, skins, Building Blueprints, titles, in-game friends, etc., will all be inherited directly. Other more basic inventory resources such as materials, components, medicines, ammo, gear, etc. will be transferred to the Eternaland Depot. Before the next season begins, players can decide which resources they want to bring with them as they embark upon their new journey. Think strategically about which resources will give you the biggest advantage."

4. What is Eternaland?

Eternaland is a player's permanent personal mini-world, and serves a stopover for players transferring to a new season. Meta-Humans can step into Eternaland and adjust their mini-world at any time."

Eternaland is a place where items can be permanently stored. Resources accumulated when playing through the storyline, rare collectibles gathered in different worlds, or unique building structures — all can be stored safely in Eternaland.

In Eternaland, buildings no longer have any upper limits or range restrictions. Meta-Humans are free to let their imaginations run wild and create dazzling building structures unfettered by the normal gameplay restrictions. A zoo, an amusement park, or a museum? The sky is the limit! Players are also able to customize the gameplay rules and invite their friends to step into their Eternaland, and experience their creations first-hand.

*Eternaland is currently still in development. We will provide a more detailed rundown of Eternaland in detail in due course on our Dev Blog.


5. Season Scenario Options 

The only season scenario that Meta-Humans have been able to experience so far is The Prime War. The development team has been working hard on a range of new season scenarios, and will unveil them as soon as they are ready. Watch this space!"

Season scenarios currently in development include the Silver Gate, a PVP scenario accessed via Stronghold Conquest, and also a faction confrontation scenario where players can choose an NPC faction and step into the snowy and volcanic areas to the north of the main map.


We would also like to remind all Meta-Humans that CBT3 is just around the corner! Fill out the sign-up form for a chance to be selected for the test! The dev team has been working hard to get the new season ready for our Meta-Humans. We look forward to seeing everyone in-game! We also welcome all your feedback and suggestions, via the official platform or social media channels!
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