Once Human is set to global release on July 9!

Pre-registration Event
The global pre-registration for Once Human is now open! Join now for a chance to win exclusive gifts, including the iPhone 15 Pro Max, Steam Deck, and more!
Content Creator Program
We wish to give players an even better experience through engaging content and create a compelling platform through which promising players and personalities can reach their full potential!
To celebrate our participation in the Steam Next Fest, we've prepared limited special gifts exclusively for our awesome content creators!
We are thrilled to announce that Once Human will officially release globally on PC on July 9, 2024! You can pre-download and join our game demo during the Steam Next Fest from June 10th to 17th, PD.
    Wanderer is an abnormally large construct comprised of a typical public transit bus and multiple white appendages that extend down to the ground and serve as essential structural support. Black tendrils are observed to protrude from beneath the entity's chassis, each carrying variable quantities of passengers.
    The worst nightmare for people with arachnophobia. Mountain and canyon are their favorite habitats, providing all resources needed to knit a giant webconnecting two areas like a bridge. It is two to three times taller than an average adult, and moves with incredible swiftness. When you feel an ominous shadepassing your head, it is time to flee.
    Treant has intertwined roots connecting itself to the ground, which restrained its moving speed. Its whole body, though resembling human, is made out of treetrunks and twigs. Before the Starfall, people may mistake it for a weirdlooking tree with crimson-colored leaves. But listen, the rustling sounds among the leaves echo like a baby's cry.
    Servant of an ancient creature whose name shall remain unspoken. Unlike other Deviations, it was drawn to earth by Stardust. Cunning, power and blind loyalty, what more can you ask for a good servant?
    Bloodletting, injecting fluid and spreading plague, Pus does everything a plague doctor can. Don't be afraid of my big hands, they are the better to embrace you with. Come, my dear, trust me with your heart and soul, for beneath my distorted bone and leaking cyst, I was indeed a plague specialist
    A pile of skeletons glued together by a yellow slime in the center. Through th A damp, foggy area where overgrown vegetation devours what used to be human settlements. Watch out for those tangled plants, because it is the perfect camouflage for blue-eyed eclipse crocodiles, buzzing Swarms and crazy Deviations.
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