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Boss Fight & Securement Silos Guide

02/17/2023 Boss Fight & Securement Silos Guide

The Great Ones are embodiments of the ultimate power in the universe. Most Great Ones control a certain area of the game, and every Great One has a wide range of strange and awe-inspiring abilities. The Great Ones are certainly imposing, but they are not undefeatable. Before facing a Great One, make sure to stock up on supplies, look for weaknesses you can exploit, and make the most of every weapon and tool at your disposal. Use the Great Ones as stepping stones on your path to greatness! Now, let me tell you a little bit more about these guys.


Foul Shadowhunter

The Foul Shadowhunter Great One resides in Almit-class Rift Space within Monolith BL082W. The internal structure of the Rift Space is a variant of the Rift Space that once existed in the nearby Dayton Wetlands sewage plant. The building's structure has been affected by the Foul Shadowhunter's characteristics, presenting a spatial distribution that violates the principles of physics. Any personnel entering the Rift Space must pay close attention to the actions of its Great One, in particular the launch of tracking missiles and other explosives, as well as its gelatinous head tissue. Take cover whenever you can to avoid getting hit by missiles, and try to aim for the creature’s head, and any other of its more threatening body parts.


The Treant Great One resides in Almit-class Rift Space within Monolith BL155E. Survivor reports indicate that the Rift Space contains a variant of the town of Somerville, which vanished for no apparent reason in 2046. Internal space is tranquil overall with an  occasional weakening of the localized gravity field. The Treant Great One moves slowly, but its Stardust energy is channeled into a highly aggressive Tangled Vine-like tissue. Attention needs to be paid to the humanoid portion of its back. Use a range of items to eradicate the large quantity of Tangled Vines and expose the creature’s humanoid portion. That may be the only way to defeat this Great One.


The Arachsiam Great One resides in Almit-class Rift Space within Monolith BL1103C. The interior of the space is a vast rock cave with preserved human structures of unknown age. There is a spatio-temporal connection between the Rift and the old hospital that transcends the laws of physics due to reasons that are not yet clear. Any personnel will need to pay extra attention to the Great One's high number of eggs upon entering the Rift Space. Attention must also be paid to changes in toxin concentrations in the space, and protective measures must be taken in a timely manner. The Great One is not bound by the laws of human reason. You’ll need to attack both the eggs and the Great One itself. Be ready to make split-second decisions and change your strategy when needed.


The Rabizex Great One resides in Almit-class Rift Space within Monolith BL7298X. Conditions inside the Rift Space are extremely unstable, and personnel must bring a sufficient quantity of living human sacrifices to successfully cross the Rift and enter the Great One's domain. The Rift Space is full of rubble and demolished buildings. Observations indicate that some of the buildings came from the Chalk Peak mines. Behavioral analysis of the Rabizex Great One shows that its main methods of attack are clawing, tearing, and Stardust energy release. The Monolith's activation seems to have made its behavior more dangerous and unpredictable.

       Securement Silos

       Securement Silos are forbidden zones dotted across the main map. Securement Silos do not contain Great Ones, but they are still extremely dangerous places. Behind a heavily guarded, cast-iron door lies a secret Rosetta Securement facility where Deviations are kept under lock and key. The area has now been cleared of Deviants, but the contamination is still spreading. Elite forces from Rosetta's Containment Squad are still standing guard, protecting the deepest part of the facility.

The poisonous influence of a nearby Monolith has infected an old missile silo, spawning a nest of fierce Deviants. Rosetta's Securement Squad has already succeeded in wiping out the Deviants. Now, it's time to wipe out the Securement Squad.

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