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Build & Construction Guide

02/09/2023 Build & Construction Guide

In this world, danger lurks around every corner. If you want to survive, you can’t just rely on your own strength, your backpack, and your motorbike. You need a place to store important items, to use better tools, a place of relative safety - you need a home. Getting started is easy. Simply construct a Territory Core, circle off the area around it, and boom! You’ve got yourself your very own Territory. Your Territory is the place where you can store your precious loot inside Crates, and use advanced workbenches to produce more sophisticated pieces of equipment. All those raw materials you’ve been hunting and gathering can now be transformed into delicious, sustaining meals, or even a soft bed upon which to lay your head at the end of the day.


Build Whatever You Like, However You Like

Turn on construction mode, open up the build menu, and check out the wide range of building structures. In Once Human, you’re free to build however you see fit. From the foundations to the roof, everything can be just how you like it. Prefer a bare-bones shelter (just enough to keep the rain off and the Deviants out)? How about a stylish little two-story villa, or a luxurious four-story mansion? Or even a fortress, armed to the teeth with the very best defensive installations? The choice is yours. As long as you can get your hands on the building materials, of course...

Mix and Match Styles and Decor to Suit All Tastes

Once you’ve got the basic structure complete, why not brighten up your new place with a few furnishings? Players can choose from a wide range of decorative items to adorn their homes, including wall hangings, wallpapers, and more than a dozen styles of tables, chairs, and sofas, including classic American and industrial. We also have a variety of smaller items, including potted plants, wall art, and lighting fixtures. Decorate your new home as you see fit, and impress your friends!

Power Up and Get Connected

As you continue to explore the world and start using more advanced technologies, you will also become able to start powering your Territory using a generator. There is a range of different generator types to choose from. You can choose to run on solar energy, or start burning all that spoiled food that’s been clogging up your inventory. Once you’ve got a working power supply, you’ll need to connect it up. Many Territory facilities need electricity to function correctly, including fridges to preserve food, lighting for those long, dark nights, and automatic doors. Electricity is also an excellent resource when it comes to defense. Try hooking up your generator to a turret and adding a sensor to keep out unwelcome visitors.

Design Your Own Defensive Set-Up

Unfortunately, the world of Once Human is a dangerous place, and even your Territory is never 100% safe. You must do everything you can to protect your home and your precious resource stores. So make sure you make use of every tool at your disposal, including turrets, traps, obstacles, and various kinds of sensors. In Once Human, you have the freedom to get creative. Set up a maze of elaborate traps, or place a few turrets out in plain sight, so would-be invaders know who they’re dealing with. But remember, threats can come in many different forms. As if hostile players and the occasional wandering croc weren’t enough to contend with, in Once Human you’ve also got to stay on the lookout for all manner of strange items. If you accidentally bring one of these dangerous items into your home, it could attract a swarm of hostile Deviants, and even one of the Ancient One’s Kin.

Share Your Space

If you start to get lonely out there, Once Human also gives you the option to move in with your comrades and form a Hive. Simply place your Territory Core in another Hive member’s Territory and start building structures together. And don’t worry, if another member of your Hive accidentally loses or dismantles any of your structures, they will be automatically sent to your private Vault. Simply open your Territory Core to retrieve your items. In addition, there are a number of strategic advantages to joining a Hive, including faster item crafting and extra bonuses to give you the edge in combat.

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