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Weapon & Equipment Guide

02/01/2023 Weapon & Equipment Guide

Both before and after civilization, humans have relied on tools to survive, and equipment is second only to a healthy body and mind. In Once Human, Meta-Humans have all kinds of tools at their disposal, from baseball bats to sniper rifles and from Molotov cocktails to bazookas. Luckily, you’re not completely helpless in the face of unknown dangers.



The best defense is a good offense! The dangers of this new world spring from both unknown and human sources, and you’ll need to fight their fire with some of your own. Of course, bare hands won’t be enough. You’ll need weapons: Machetes and Crossbows are just the start. Pistols, Submachine Guns, and Rifles will be key to your survival, with Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and Light Machine Guns offering even more choices for you. Thanks to Stardust, traditional firearms are no longer enough to take out many enemies. After all, what chance does a pistol have against something that can bend reality itself? This has made the development of technology more important than ever, and you’ll find yourself with some pretty incredible tech.

Superior Tech

The origins of Superior technology are mysterious, but they make the power of the unknown usable for humans. Most truly powerful weapons employ this technology and carry unique characteristics. Some provide endless ammo, while others even deploy a shield so that you no longer need to rely on cover to shoot. Just find the type that suits your style best and build it up into an inseparable companion. Explore the potential of different Firearms and combine different bonuses, upgrades, and Gun Perks to really make your Firearms shine. It's up to you to customize your Firearm just the way you want it.


A weapon’s lower limits are inherent to it, but its upper limit depends on your creativity. Each Firearm has replaceable Components. By exploring the world and completing tasks, you can obtain Components with different bonuses. A powerful scope, perhaps a muzzle with better noise reduction, or a magazine with a larger load capacity… adjust accessories to create a weapon with the perfect feel! In addition to support from Components, each Firearm can fine-tune some of its other aspects and get upgraded for more benefits.


       If you want to get the most out of that new weapon you just crafted, you’re going to have to start calibrating it. In Once Human, the best weapons are the ones that have been lovingly calibrated by their owners. Most weapons will be uncalibrated when first crafted, and you can calibrate them at any time to improve their stats using the Armorer's Bench. The higher the weapon’s crafting tier, the more calibration chances and slots you will have.


Of course, combat’s not just about attacking blindly. You’re also got to protect yourself. While wearing cloth is better than running around naked, it still can’t hold up against gunfire or beast bites. What you really need is standard Armor, like a "second skin" that can resist attacks and bullets. Although it’s not always easy to claim these high-tech uniforms, it’s definitely worth it. Besides protection, the high tech used for good Armor can also provide you with rich tactical benefits. You can also equip Mods onto Armor to make it even stronger. Mods are divided into three types: Attack, Defense, and Special, each with its own advantages.


In addition to Firearms and Armor, you’ll also come across Tactical Items in your journey. Unlike Firearms and Armor, these gadgets have all kinds of different functions. Some will help you block enemy attacks, while others distort space to cause huge damage. Grenades, bazookas, and landmines are just child’s play – if you're lucky, you can find unmanned portable turrets or make drones with detection capabilities. Remember: The best hunters always change up their routine.

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