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Survival Guide

02/01/2023 Survival Guide

Metas, welcome to the world of Once Human. This is a world where there are no more nations, no more unions, and no more multinational companies. This is a world of abandoned objects, strange monsters, and... them. I'm here representing the dev team to bring you some more insights into the world of Once Human.


Who Are You?

Your mind seems to be playing tricks on you. You aren't sure whether your memories are real. But everything around you is a reminder that this is not the world you once knew. Learn more about this strange new world as you explore the landscape, and get to know its inhabitants. Expect some friendly faces, and terrifying hostile foes.

What's Your Task?

Survival is task No. 1 in this world, your body is far stronger than that of a regular human, but basic needs like hunger and thirst remain etched into your genes. Without food and water, you won't last long. But remember to exercise caution. The wild fruits growing by the roadside and the clear lake water may seem harmless, but Stardust has infected this world beyond all imagining. In Once Human, the incomprehensible has become real. In the face of unknown threats, you need to remain vigilant. If you lose your sanity, you lose your humanity. When contaminated by Stardust, your sanity will become depleted. You will find yourself wandering right at the border of madness. Don't cross that line, if you can.

Don't Die!

In addition to fulfilling your basic physical needs, you'll also need to figure out how to defend yourself in a world full of danger. Still believe monsters are the stuff of fiction? Get ready to think again.

In this world, even the wild animals can pose a serious threat. You've only just been born, so stay clear of the wolves and bears for a while. And even once you learn how to handle them, there are other, far more serious threats in the form of those strange, unknown creatures that prowl the wasted landscape. The good news is, you are not completely defenseless. You can make use of a wide range of weapons, equipment, and tools, from a simple baseball bat to a high-tech firearm that employs the latest new-world technology. Arm yourself, and see what else lies in store.

Gather Resources!

Welcome to no man's land! Humans have been knocked off their perch at the top of the food chain, and fearsome predators are around every corner. Are you able to carve out a role for yourself in this cruel new ecosystem? And can you do more than simply survive? Employ your ingenuity, and learn to thrive! Gather and mine for resources, and use them to craft all manner of useful tools. Use your hard-earned resources to build a home, and fortify it to defend it against hostile invaders. Make weapons or traps for hunting and clearing ruins. And if you die in battle, it's not the end. In Once Human, you can choose your respawn location. Will you go back, retrieve your dropped items, and continue the fight? Or turn tail and run, save your strength and bide your time? It's your choice. Get stronger, and work to discover the origin of the mutation that has ravaged this world. And do it quickly, before they discover you...

Where Should You Start?

Make sure to arm yourself early on. Find a good spot, set up a camp, and make some basic tools, including a crossbow, baseball bat, and some basic clothing. Use the camp stove to cook ingredients that have been exposed to the toxins in the environment, and make your food safe to eat. Craft an axe or pickaxe to gather more resources, more quickly. Get yourself some basic provisions, and you're ready to go explore!

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