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Special Rewards for Content Creators at Steam Next Fest!

06/10/2024 Special Rewards for Content Creators at Steam Next Fest!

Dear Content Creators,

We’ve got some exciting news for you! To celebrate our participation in the upcoming Steam Next Fest, we’ve prepared limited special gifts exclusively for you!


To get started, head over to Lurkit or visit creator.oncehuman.game for detailed event rules. If you're not yet one of our content creators, now is the perfect time to sign up on Lurkit and join the Once Human Creator Program, grow with us, and earn fantastic rewards!


These rewards, with only 10,000 copies for each tier and a total of 1,000 winners, are exclusive to influencer events. We’ve divided these exclusive rewards into four tiers. By hitting specific goals, you can unlock these rewards for yourself and your fans. Plus, you have the chance to carry over your personal rewards to the official release of Once Human!


Here’s what you need to know:

Tier 1: Checkerboard Hat

- How to unlock: Accept the Mission on Lurkit

- Amount:10 codes

 Tier 2: Renegade Helmet

-  How to unlock: Follow Once Human on Twitter and retweet our SNF (Saturday Night Fun) post

-  Amount: 10 codes

 Tier 3: Checkerboard Top

-  How to unlock: Stream Once Human for 4 hours OR create a YouTube video of at least 10 minutes

-  Amount: 10 codes

 Tier 4: The Call of the Giant Octopus

-  How to unlock:  Achieve 100 hours of total watch time through streaming Once Human or accumulate 1000 views across your Once Human-related YouTube videos

- Amount: 10 codes


-  Make All Rewards Permanent

-  How to unlock:  Achieve 500 hours of total watch time OR 5,000 total views of your Once Human YouTube videos

-  Note: This reward is for the influencer's personal use only.


We can't wait to see your amazing content. For further details and to participate, please reach out to our team via Discord.

Your participation will help make the Once Human Steam Next Fest an unforgettable event for everyone!

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