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CBT3 Mobile Version Download Guide

04/12/2024 CBT3 Mobile Version Download Guide

Hi Metas,

The Once Human CBT3 mobile version test will begin on April 12, 2024!

Congratulations to the players who have qualified for CBT3 mobile version test! You can follow the instructions below to participate in the test.



Qualified players will receive an email from the TestFlight platform. You will need to download the TestFlight app from the App Store and use the invitation code in the email to download the game and participate in the test!

Detailed steps are as follows:

1. Log in to your pre-registration email to view the invitation email

Please log in to the email you used to pre-register the game, find the invitation email from TestFlight, and open it. Copy the invitation code from the instruction page.

*The invitation code can only be used once and cannot be reused, so please be careful not to disclose the invitation code!

2. Download the official Apple game testing software TestFlight

Search and download "TestFlight" from the App Store, or click the "Get TestFlight from the App Store" link directly in the invitation email to automatically redirect to the App Store for download.

*This app is an official Apple application, so feel free to download and use it with confidence.

3. Open TestFlight and enter the invitation code to access the game download interface

For first-time users of TestFlight, click "Continue," "Accept," to enter the app's main interface.

Tap the "Redeem" button in the upper right corner, enter the invitation code obtained from the invitation email, and proceed to the download interface.

4. Download "Once Human" in TestFlight

Tap "Install" to download the game.

*The download process may be slow, so please be patient and do not delete the app while it is downloading.

5. Enter the game

Once the installation is complete, enter the game to start the testing experience!


Please note:

1. The invitation code can only be used once and cannot be reused.

2. The invitation code can be used throughout the testing period, with no time restrictions.

3. Please do not log in to the reservation email within WeChat, as it may prompt an inability to redirect.

4. If the user accidentally deletes the app after downloading, they can click "Install" in TestFlight to download it again.

5. This testing qualification is for personal use only, and the invitation code is prohibited from being transferred or sold.

6. If you encounter any questions during the installation/testing/experience process, or if you have any feedback, you can join our Discord community for assistance! http://discord.gg/oncehuman


[Google Play]

Attention please:

1. For GP users who have already qualified for the test, but have not made a registration for Once Human on the GP page:

Pre-register, then click on the "Store Link" where you will only see the pre-register button. (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.h73.jhqyna)


2. For GP users who have already qualified for the test and have previously pre-registered for Once Human on the GP page:

Pre-register, then click "Participate in testing on the web."



1). It will take you to the testing invitation page.

2). Click "Become A Tester," a prompt will appear (at the bottom, there is a "Leave Program" button to exit the testing program).

3). Click "Download it on Google Play," it won't automatically redirect to the store, but will stay on the embedded browser page with the following prompt.

4). Open the Google Play Store, search "Once Human" again, and you will see the button change to "Install," with the details page indicating it's a test version. Click "Install," and the app will start downloading.

5). After the download is complete, the page will show the following prompt.

6). After the download, proactively uninstall the app, go back to the store page, and the "Install" button will be displayed. The store page will still indicate "Early Access."

7). Click "Participate in testing on the web" again, scroll to the bottom, click "Leave Program" to exit the testing program, go back to the store page, and the "Install" button will still be displayed. The store page will still indicate "Early Access."

8). Exit the Google Play Store, clear the Google Play Store cache, re-enter the store, search for "Once Human," and you will see the "Install" button indicating pre-registration.

9). Click "Install," a pop-up will appear, indicating that the download will happen automatically after the official launch.

Additional Information:

1. You can only choose either "Pre-register" or "Install," not both at the same time.

2. Players who have already pre-registered and want to participate in testing need to use the "Participate in testing on the web" method to join the testing program. They also need to go back to the Google Play Store to search for the game and install it.

3. After the testing ends, if players want to pre-register again, they need to delete the game, exit the testing program, clear the store cache, and then click on the store link or search again in the game store details page to pre-register.

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