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Once Human CBT3 Patch Notes

04/28/2024 Once Human CBT3 Patch Notes

Dear Metas, thank you for your participation in the Once Human testing phase. To enhance your gaming experience, we are committed to addressing the bugs reported during the testing period promptly. Here are the recent updates for Once Human:


April 27, 2024

1. Fixed occasional login issues in some new servers.

2. Temporarily removed certain problematic side quests. Rewards obtainable through side quests remain unchanged in this version.


April 26, 2024

1. Fixed an issue where the He Was Here task could not be completed.

2. Fixed an issue where players were occasionally teleported to abnormal locations upon entering dungeons.

3. Fixed a bug where the female Scout Hood was not displaying.

4. Fixed crashes on some iOS devices.

5. Corrected erroneous descriptions in Outer Space.

6. Corrected erroneous descriptions for Doombringer.

7. Fixed an issue where the Shaman Vulture Top was not effective.

8. Fixed an issue where Burning Wrath had a 100% trigger chance instead of the intended probability.


April 22, 2024

1. [Mobile]: Fixed an issue with obstruction at Rippleby chest location, allowing players to obtain Rippleby chests smoothly.

2. Fixed an issue with the abnormal display of "Top Prize" icon in the prize pool selection interface for "Within a Fleeting Moment" pool.


April 19, 2024

1. [Mobile]: Enabled friend permission settings.

2. Fixed an issue with certain food buff inaccuracies.

3. Fixed an issue where Echo Stone was able to follow Relic back.


April 18, 2024

1. Fixed an issue with Vending Machine item exchange malfunction.

2. Fixed an issue where the Mobile Version Season Goals tab displayed incorrectly.

3. Fixed an issue where Mod: Embers effect did not trigger in certain scenarios.

4. Fixed an issue of player position inconsistency after jumping/climbing on different Plate Trailers.

5. Fixed an issue where Deviation Chefosaurus Rex cooking bonuses did not apply correctly.


April 17, 2024

1. Reduced the selling price for the following items: Canned Lunch Meat, Canned Meat, Ice Tea, Orange Pancake, Savory Deviated Rib, Soft Shell Meat, Malt Ale, Corn Ale, Canned Seafood in Oil, and Stardust Energy Drink.

2. Fixed an issue where the World merge and auto-relocation process would reset the angle.

3. Fixed an issue where the World merge and auto-relocation process would reset the angle.

4. Fixed an issue where certain interactions with the Forsaken Monolith were not functioning.

5. Fixed an issue where using a Controller on Securement Silo THETA Master difficulty would lead to missing rewards.

6. Fixed an issue in the Main Story Task "He Was Here" where repeatedly clicking the door while searching for Dennis would cause the door to become unopenable.

7. Fixed an issue where canceling the crafting of items in the crafting queue could result in the loss of crafting materials such as Sugar, Salt, and Butter under extreme conditions.

8. Fixed an issue where the feedback channel on [mobile] couldn't switch to horizontal orientation.


April 16, 2024

1. Fixed an issue where the cooldown for moving player Territories sometimes displayed abnormally.

2. Fixed an issue where players couldn't interact with Chrono Cage to teleport and converse with Butterfly.

3. Adjusted the ammo replenishment effect of Wrath of Hades to be completed through reloading with spare ammo.

4. Fixed an issue where players were forcefully teleported after getting on and off the Plate Trailer.

5. Fixed an issue where the explosive damage for Hardy Gloves was not applying, and an issue where the kill effect for Dual Fury couldn't be repeatedly triggered.


April 14, 2024

1. Fixed the issue of some objects have unusual self-illumination on the mobile version.

2. Fixed the issue of construction facility placement detection.


April 13, 2024

1. Fixed issue with being unable to retrieve items from Rainwater Collection System and other facilities on mobile.

2. Fixed issue where some players couldn't respawn at Camp after entering a public server.

3. Fixed issue where players' Territories could overlap with others.


April 12, 2024

1. Fixed issue with numbers not displaying in the "Happy Birthday" side quest.

2. Fixed issue with some items not having a use button on mobile.

3. Added explanation of how to obtain motorcycle exterior skins.

4. Fixed problem with turret kills not being counted correctly in turret defense missions.

5. Addressed abnormal output from certain plants.

6. Fixed issue with random attributes of orange Mods dropping from Silos SIGMA, PHI, ALPHA, and THETA under Master difficulty.

7. Fixed issue where some players were unable to unlock the "Cradle Apprentice" chapter in the Journey.

8. Fixed abnormal display of pop-ups after completing Season Goals.

9. Fixed issue with some trees not being collectible on mobile.


April 10, 2024

1. Adjusted the distribution of Food Box in Strongholds, now with a chance to obtain pepper seeds from them.

2. Added descriptions of the availability of different difficulty dungeons in the Season Progress interface of the Manibus script.

3. Fixed an issue when defeating enemies in Securement Silo EX-1 wouldn't gain experience.

4. Fixed the issue of mushrooms not mutating when planted.

5. Fixed an issue that players might be able to teleport into the Prime War area that is open and at maximum capacity while in a public area.

6. Fixed an abnormal consumption issue with the Lightning Impulse Regulator materials in the Memetic Specialization.


April 9, 2024

1. Adjusted the goals of the "Guidance: Counter-Memetics Technology" task to resolve progression issues for veteran players who have completed the newbie card pool.

2. Fixed an issue where the hard and master difficulty dungeons in certain scripts could be accessed prematurely.


April 8, 2024

1. Resolved an issue preventing Meta-Humans from entering certain dungeons.

2. Fixed an issue with the in-game customer service interface not opening.

3. Addressed a bug where missing item information prevented the collection of mail items.

4. Corrected a visibility issue with the mayfly investigation icon in side story tasks.


April 7, 2024

1. Fixed an abnormal issue with the task submission interface on mobile devices.

2. Resolved a card task issue in the "Meaning of Battle" side story task.

3. Fixed a problem with the "Journey Task - Crafting a Recipe for Crafting Deviations into the Corresponding Item" not being completable.

4. Addressed a bug where players would fall through the ground after defeating the boss and speaking with Mary in the "Welcome Back" task.

5. Fixed occasional invisibility of settlement exploration information.

6. Corrected a model display error when previewing weapon charms with a gathering tool in hand in the shop.

7. Resolved an issue where certain friends could not be searched for.

8. Fixed a problem where unstable bombs would only show effects without dealing damage under certain conditions.

9. Addressed a display issue with material transport on Eternaland.


April 5, 2024

1. Fixed an issue with account switching login errors.

2. Resolved an issue preventing some players from accessing Eternaland.

3. Fixed missing NPC dialogue in the main storyline for some players.

4. Addressed an issue with excessive navigation routes on the large map.

5. Fixed abnormal addition of certain buffs.

6. Resolved a collision issue with glass material doors and windows.

7. Fixed an issue where mobile users couldn't close the interaction interface after opening facilities like rainwater collectors.

8. Adjusted monster refresh locations and task text in the "Dig to Hell" Public Crisis Events and revised the time limit for defeating the Gluttony on hero difficulty.

9. Fixed an issue where the mobile queuing interface couldn't be closed.

10. Addressed a bug in the PSI mode of the Securement Silo where players could pass the level without defeating all monsters if the fridge died and fixed an aggro issue with the PSI fridge.

11. Addressed an issue where players could dismantle already equipped mods under certain conditions.


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