Once Human is set to global release on July 9!


Once Human Pre-Registration for All Platforms is now Available

04/30/2024 Once Human Pre-Registration for All Platforms is now Available

Dear Metas,

Once Human’s pre-registration for all platforms has begun! Hurry and head to Steam, Google Play and App Store to pre-register NOW.


※For global launch information, please join the community and follow the official announcement.


>> Add to Steam Wishlist <<

>> Pre-register on GooglePlay / App Store <<


※ Head to Steam and add the game to the wishlist to complete pre-registration.

※ Go to Google Play or App Store and tap the “Pre-Register” or “Pre-Order” button to complete pre-registration.


Thanks to everyone’s enthusiastic participation, we have already reached the 10 Million pre-registration milestone. Now, let's unlock the 20 Million goal together.


Participation in the event to obtain up to Dragon’s Grip Gloves*1, Surprise Furniture*1, and more!

Metas who haven’t pre-registered yet, don’t miss out!


The event rewards are as follows:

  • Global pre-registration above 500 thousand — Energy Drink*3, Energy Link*600, Grenade*3, Activator*10, Canned Lunch Meat*3, Adrenaline Shot*1, Sanity Gummy*5
  • Global pre-registration above 1 million Projection Generator*8, Molotov Cocktail*5, Energy Link*400
  • Global pre-registration above 2 million — AKM skin Kraken*2
  • Global pre-registration above 5 million — Meta Cap*1
  • Global pre-registration above 10 million — Surprise Furniture*1
  • Global pre-registration above 20 million — Dragon’s Grip Gloves*1


The unlocked rewards will be issued to Metas after the official launch of the game.

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