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07/09/2024 DEVS LETTER (JULY, 2024)

Dear Metas,


We are thrilled to announce the introduction of seasons in "Once Human" and would like to share the reasons behind this exciting update. With the new seasons, you will embark on fresh adventure journeys, each with a specific duration and storyline theme, providing a more diverse and enriching gaming experience.


The introduction of seasons aims to provide a fairer, more relaxed, and freer gaming experience for all players. Your progress in each season will be preserved (including collected weapon blueprints, constructed territorial homes, and memories of fighting alongside friends), and after completing a season, your items will be transferred to Eternaland, a personal world of your own, allowing for limitless imagination and creativity.


The season format also offers a "replay" or "new start" gaming experience, allowing you to rectify any regrets from the previous season or embark on a brand-new gaming journey. Additionally, the season system will lower the barrier for friends with different game progress to embark on new season journeys together.


Each season is divided into different phases, with new content and challenges, and subsequent new season scenarios may begin in completely different map areas with entirely different main storylines. At the end of the season, you can choose to replay the same scenario or sign up for a new scenario to start the journey of the next season, with resources and items obtained being inherited.


Eternaland is your permanent personal world, allowing you to unleash your creativity and build your own unique world. We believe that the season format will offer you a more diverse and enriching gaming experience, and we look forward to witnessing your remarkable achievements in the game.


We are committed to providing you with unforgettable gaming experiences, and we are excited to start the new season with you. Whether you are revisiting familiar scenarios or embarking on brand-new adventures, we look forward to shaping this world alongside you.


Wherever we are, we stand together.

Best of luck,


The "Once Human" Team

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